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Gua Sha is a traditional treatment from China and has been used for centuries. With the Gua Sha stone you 'scrape' over your skin. The stone is made in such a way that you can easily massage all parts of the face with the stone. The stone consists of 100% jade.

Apply a serum, night or day care and massage the product by scraping the face with the Gua Sha. The product will penetrate deeper into the skin.

What: The Gua Sha stone reduces swelling, bags under the eyes and makes your skin elastic, fresh and glowy. It stimulates lymphatic drainage and blood flow, so that the skin gets more oxygen and gets rid of toxins. The facial muscles relax and fine lines can fade. Gua Sha has a lifting effect and improves the face shape. It strengthens the contours of the cheekbones and lifts.

How to use: Place the flat side of the tool at a 45 degree angle to your face and move the stone up and outwards in smooth movements. Always start from the center of the face and always work your way up. Applying an oil, serum or care is recommended.

Jade according to alternative medicine:
- Helps fight skin blemishes and soothes bacterial infections
- Strengthens the lymphatic system
- Eliminates negative energy and restores emotional balance
- The massage stimulates lymphatic drainage and helps rid the skin of toxins

In addition, each stone has its natural, unique color and exceptional properties. The energy in the stone calms you down and restores balance. Ideal for all skin types.

When: Use your Gua Sha in the morning to massage the puffyness from your face or use it in the evening to relax.

Size: 7 cm x 4 cm